About BEST

About BEST

A brain injury often changes both the survivor and their family’s life forever. Symptoms can include emotional, behavioral, physical, cognitive and social dysfunction. Even those receiving medical care and therapy post accident are often left confused about how to create strategies to do more than just survive.

In 2008 a group of survivors, family, caregivers, and medical professionals came together because we recognized there are fundamental services missing from the current protocol of treating those with brain injury. We wanted to take control of our treatments, our recovery, and our lives. It is our belief that we know best.

Through the commitment of those few people in 2008 we have grown into a nationally recognized organization for our trainings, support group infrastructure development, peer mentoring, and public awareness. To find out more visit BEST at http://brainenergysupportteam.org.


What does BEST do? BEST_logo_transparent

The Brain Energy Support Team is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 2008. The mission of BEST is to provide support, advocacy, public awareness, education, and socialization opportunities to individuals with a brain injury and their families. BEST distinguishes itself from other brain injury organizations in that the leadership, services, and programs are built by and for individuals with brain injury and their families.


  • Support Groups – is a two-fold program focusing on (1) providing a comprehensive, state-wide infrastructure network that offers training, technical assistance, and resources for support group facilitators, and (2) resources and support for the development and sustainability of support groups and their participants.

  • Project PEER – offers “Personal Empowerment through Education and Resources” as a holistic approach to empowering individuals with brain injury through specialized futures planning, skills training, and peer mentoring to achieve personal success.

  • Education & Outreach – provides resources, presentations, workshops, and trainings built on best practices and developed by professionals with brain injuries for individuals with a brain injury and their families, caregivers, professionals, paraprofessionals, legislators, and the general public