What is a PEER Mentor

A PEER Mentor is someone you can count on to help you with information, support and guidance. Project PEER offers the experience of an individual, a “knowledgeable friend” who is a “veteran” of a brain injury and understands the impact a brain injury has on the individual and on the family. Our mentors are committed to helping you cope with this life-altering experience.

A Friend:

• Someone who avoids judging and is open-minded about the peer partner’s situation.
• Someone who shows he/she cares by calling, sharing time, and giving verbal praise.
• Someone who provides emotional support and offers a nonjudgmental ear.
• Someone who helps the peer partner increase feelings of selfworth and boosts self-confidence.

A Role Model:

• Shows a standard of behavior for modeling honesty, truth, and respect for others.
• Takes on a leadership role and initiates contact.
• Models appropriate social behaviors.
• Supports social growth and skill development.
• Involves his/her peer partner in safe social activities in their community.
• Helps peer partner gain independence.
• Encourages peer partner to participate in activities and to develop hobbies/interests.
• Is consistent, dependable, and honest with the peer partner.
• Shares thoughts and feelings with the peer partner.
• Helps motivate their peer partner.

A Resource:

• Helps peer partner to develop social opportunities in their own community.
• Helps peer partner reflect on social situations that have occurred to help his/her peer partner improve social skills.
• Helps peer partner deal with changes and issues affecting his/her life.
• Helps peer partner to access community-based resources, such as transportation options and community support groups.

A Responsible Volunteer and Program Member:

• Commits to the match relationship for a minimum of three months.
• Commits to consistent contact (minimum of 2 times per month) with their peer partner.
• Communicates regularly and in a timely manner with the PEER Support Specialist.
• Shares and discusses problems/concerns regarding the match with the PEER Support Specialist.
• Supports his/her peer partner in setting and working to achieve goals as outlined in the match plan.
• Completes all required documentation and submits to the PEER Support Specialist in a timely manner.

Mentors are recruited through an application process that is reviewed by our staff and trained as mentors in our Mentor Training Program. All mentors began their participation in Project PEER as a PEER Partner (mentee). The first step is to complete an application to participate. Your application will be reviewed by staff and you’ll be invited for a conversation about participating and becoming a mentor.