Moving On: Personal Futures Planning

Moving On is an amazing workbook created by the Research and Training Center on Community Integration of Individuals with TBI, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY. Personal Futures Planning is a process for aiding individuals with a brain injury to move on in their lives by focusing on what they want in life and on the steps need to get there.

PEER_Moving On Workbook

The workbook is used by the individual and those who want to work with them on their planning for a better future. The Facilitator Manual explains to leaders of the planning work group the issues that need to be addressed in facilitating the process and helping someone with a brain injury in moving on.


Personal Futures Planning will help you develop
maps to a better future by:
  • helping you sort through what your life was like in the past.
  • helping you think about your current situation, both what you like about your life and what you feel needs changing.
  • helping you map out your future, both what you would like for yourself and
  • how you can go about achieving those things.
Personal Futures Planning can:
  • encourage you to have hope.
  • help you see yourself as a whole person.
  • encourage you to pull your life together.
  • empower you to acknowledge the obstacles in your life, without losing sight of the opportunities.
  • show you how to create a vision of your future and what you want fo